Monday, August 6, 2012

I did a little shopping (again!)


Just thought I would show you 2 products that I bought the other day while out and about.

First off, Face of Australia's lip gloss pens.  These are nice and creamy and smooth. Not a massive colour pay off, however your lips feel like they are wearing moisturizer and a wash of colour so quiet happy with these.
 Swatches as per colour order above.

Next Item: Australis Make up Finishing Spay. Now this spary reminds me of the pot puri stuff in my Grandmothers house. A very strong Rose sent. - If you like this, then you will love this product, I am more of a Vanilla kinda gal! Dose it have a staying power??? Maybe as much as MAC's Fix+ maybe ever so slight staying, but cant say massive strong hold! It does however remove that over powdered effect. It does give a more natural look after you finished putting on your makeup, and I did find it refreshing. I think this would be a great spray for summer. Now as this is not an expensive product ( I think about AU$19) it doesnt have the most amazing nozzle on it, however if you hold it away from your face (about elbow length) it works a treat!

Stay Beautiful!


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