Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I've been shopping :D


Hope you are well??? Whats new in your space?? Mine, busy but not all that much. Been Sick :S BUUUUUUTTTT, I have been saving up for some time and I have done a little bit of shopping :D  I have just posted a Haul video on my Youtube page - Which you should totally check out now .... Go on... Go do it... I'll Wait.....
Flattering pic! Thank you Youtube!
However, apart from this drugstore haul, Ive also done a fair amount of Online Shopping. I went shopping at:, mbeautylounge (which have discounted nail polish), Sleek Makeup, and All Cosmetic Now ACW has already arrived but I will wait till everything gets here and I will do a Haul Video on them all :D 

Now I also did a bit of shopping at today. For those who do not know, did you know they do same day delivery??? Even to me, country folk like me :D So I ordered some more organisers for my make up, as I needed more room for the impending makeup invasion that is due to arrive on my shore some time soon :D I find alot of the paper organisers do just fine to hold and organise my make up. Dont worry I will take a picture soon and upload a Makeup collection run through :D 

For the moment, its time for me to run off to bed, Big day tomorrow - Well not really I have washing to do... FUN! 

On one last note... not that my mother reads this, but she bought me this totally awesome Peter Alexander Cow Print dressing gown the other day! I love it! Thank you Mummy! Also NEW JEANS THAT ARE NOT MATERNITY JEANS! And they fit like a glove! I washed them today to get the excess blue out of them :D 

Well that's it for now. Take care and as always please stay your beautiful self!

 XXX Loz

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