Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Makeup Collections - So Far....

As I mentioned yesterday, I would post a few pics of my Makeup collection at this point in time and how I organised it :D

So this is how I organise my makeup, I use desk paper organiser that I have bought from Officeworks. As you can see the OCD in me has labelled everything. I have 3 Mesh Pencil Tins that hold make up brushes and 2 Tins - One holds Lip Pencils the other Eye Pencils. I also picked up that little glass container from Target. And I dont leave home without my Sunglasses :D

My two top draws have a few baskets that I also picked up from OfficeWorks. From Bottom to top:
Hair stuff, Refills/Samples/Extra Makeup, Make up remover wipes and Q tips, Perfumes and smelly stuff :D, Brush cleaner, more face puff thingy, a sawing kit and safety pins - You always seem to need them.

Now as you can see on the floor is my dog Shadows bed (Shadow is a German Shepherd x Blue Cattle - He looks like a German Shep but has a Blue nose! ) Spencer sleeps in a little bed next to my side of the bed.  Shadow loses fur everywhere and it is quiet difficult to get it all up. Also please ignore my ugly curtains... unfortunately our room is the last on the list for make overs in this house :D

Stay Beautiful,
xxx Loz

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