Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nail Polish on Natural Nails

Hi Again,

Hope you are all well? I know its been a while. I have been soooo super busy with things in my personal life I have just not been able to get near a computer :( Please accept my apologies.

I was talking to Grant about how I noticed a very big difference in the wear of my nail polishes the other day when he mentioned that I really need to do a Blog Post on it. So here it is:

Please let me begin by saying that since I have grown my natural nails to a length past my finger tips, I have finally had the luxury of being able to paint my nails for the FIRST TIME EVER! ( this is a big thing for me - I feel like a woman!) I have been trying out three brands of later, Orly, OPI and a new Sally Hanson Colour Quick Nail Pen.

I will start with a overall thought then go in to each ( I think that maybe best)

I found the Sally Hanson Pen the formulation moved with my nail. I think it stayed on the best and longest with minimal chipping. I next found that Orly wore better then OPI. This surprised me as I have always thought that OPI would be a better product. I have been using OPI for years on my false nails and I could never knock it, however I felt that it chipped and peeled off my nails the easiest. Even with a base coat.

I got my Sally Hanson Pen with I think it was my Bella Box subscription for June.

 Its basically a click base pen that pushes nail polish out through the brush. You then apply. I didnt find I needed a base coat or a top coat with this. AWESOME for on the go.

What I did find is that that nail polish dried very very quick - not such a bad thing, however I am not sure if it was due to the colour I had or if it was the product, I found that it was quiet streaky which was a let down. I did find that this formulation as mentioned above was very flexible on the nail. So if you have week nails like my new babies I found that it moved with the nail which meant that it didn't chip so much. I will be buying some more of these to try. Priceline Sally Hanson Quick Colour Nail Pen

I recently went to American Beauty in Lansvale NSW to have a look at some OPI nail polishes. They have all the colours and colours they dont have they can ship in. They sell them for about $10 each, and what I understand thats quiet cheap for OPI. I also bought some other nail items (base coat, Seche Vite Top Coat - $12, nail files and buffers etc) I found the store quiet small, and looked like it fed right into those Asian nail bars - now this is not always a bad thing. The Staff were very friendly and they did stock A LOT of nail products and items quiet cheap - Most brand names. Lots of manicure tools, fake tans etc. I also found out that they deliver and are happy to take an over the phone order. ANYYYY WAYYY! I bought some OPI and their Base Coat for natural nails which is meant to help stick nail polish to the nails. I seemed to find that the OPI was the WORST at chipping and peeling off. I was quiet depressed about this as my nail polish only lasted maybe a day???? Dose any one have any tips??? Can any one offer me any help with making my nail polish last longer?

My Surprise contender was the Orly nail polish. As you may have read from below I bought quiet the collection from Priceline lately. I tired a few, and even though they did chip and peel to some point, they did seem to last the longest. They seem to move with my nail, not quiet as well as the Sally Hanson, but much better then the OPI. I will be buying more of the Orly me thinks :D

I recently found this website, I haven't had a chance to buy any thing from it, however the price looks good and they have quiet a large range. If any one has shopped here, please let me know your feed back :D  Beauty Lounge

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Stay Beautiful,
xxx Loz

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