Friday, June 15, 2012

Home from Karitane and how long my nails are

Hi All!

So we are home from Karitane, PHEW! What a week! Grant and I have come away knowing how to settle Joseph in his bed with out rocking him to sleep, how to effectively play with with him, a good workable routine and what kind of foods he should be eating. I wished this was something offered while in hospital before you take baby home. It would have been such a help to know what I was doing when I walked in the door. The Mothercraft lessons that the nurses gave us were AMAZING. I have learnt how far I can go with my baby without him pushing me. Ive learnt how to be confident with my child. I wished that this was more of an option for every mother and not just the ones having issues. Joe had a great time... He made some new friends and got to have his first real go at solids:

This was Pumpkin and Potato

Karitane Carrama is a bit like a cross between a hospital and a hotel. The rooms are lovely and just like any good quality hotel/motel. The Dinning room, play room, food rooms and nurses station is a bit hospitalish. The staff are not in your face, they work from the sidelines. They help you do what you think you couldnt or cant. They wait for you to ask, they dont tell. In all, a very positive experience. Now Joe, is still not sleeping in the day as well as he should be, but that will happen over time. I am now armed with the confidence and knowledge on what needs to be done to get there. Its now time and practice :D

So you want to know how my nails are going..... well... look for your self!

They are a little miss shappen as we are still waiting for my nails to find nail beds where I used to bite down to. I have broken two nails on the other hand which has upset me a little. I have however really enjoyed painting my nails for the first time and them looking "normal" - opened a whole new world of things to buy :D Tee hee hee! 23 years of biting GONE! YIPPI.

So I am back at home, and hopefully I will be able to upload again soon, I still have quiet a back log and I do have some videos that I hope to film and edit in the next few days.

I hope you are happy and well, and always, Stay Beautiful!

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