Friday, June 1, 2012

Ive been Shopping : For Nail Stuff :D

To Celebrate my recent length with my nails I decided that I would buy a few nail "stuff" to start me off. I already have Out the Door Top Coat and 3 other nail polishes, but I just could not pass up the little box I found at the back of Narellen Priceline. It had 3 Orly Nail Polishes for $10, I naturally bought 6 from the small collection that was there. I also picked up a Cutex glass nail file which I figured I would need for later for shaping. I tried a little on my thumb and it seems quiet gritty. I think she will be just fine :D

(Left to right) Sweet Temptation, Opal Hope, Take a Chance, Pawn the Ring, Rose Radiance, French Manicure.

I also thought I would give the Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. Now if you have seen my videos then you will know Im not really all that much of a tinted moisturiser fan. I figured I would just give this one ago. I think it was $22 at Priceline, and I tried it this morning for the first time. I found that it wasn't too heavy and didn't leave me with a greasy feeling. As I have oily skin its one thing I constantly worry about. It has a very sheer cover which it does say on the box. I found that it did slightly correct my redness on my cheeks. I think this would suit me fine with a little concealer and a slight dusting of powder. Great if I didn't want to wear foundation or if I was having a dry day... As its coming up to winter here, I think this will be great to wear when I am spending the day at home, and I have friends come over, or if I feel like I just need to put a little effort into my self. Have to say quiet a nice product and I will be buying this again.

While I was out the other day I noticed as it is getting colder my hands have been getting dry. This is the first time I have noticed this IN MY LIFE! Now it could be cause I have had a baby and it seems nothing on my body has been the same since, It could be cause I am washing my hands more due to keeping things clean for baby Joseph. Maybe it's cause its getting cold, I dunno! So I ventured out and bought two different hand creams. One to keep at home and one for my hand bag. The Aveeno is a long slim bottle so it will stay in my bag as I have a thin side bag which really just holds my wallet, glasses and lipstick. The Vaseline I will keep in my nail box at home. I have noticed that both are different and good in their own rights. The Vaseline is thinner and runnier. I feel like I can put alot or a little and my skin soaks it up! As for it helping my nails. Time will tell I havn't seen much difference in the last few days. The Aveeno is thicker, and a little goes along way! I find that my hands dont feel greasy afterwards and they no longer feel dry. Unless I see a massive nail improvement with the Vaseline, I will probably just stick with the Aveeno in the future.

As for my nails, I will take a picture in about a week as I would like them to be a little longer before I show you. I have not bitten or picked them in over 3 weeks!

Tomorrow I am going to the beauty Suppliers - American Beauty Supplies to pick up some more nail polishes and other "Stuff!"

Stay Beautiful!


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