Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Sorry that I have been a little absent lately. I some how think next week wont be much better :( This week I have been working on renovating my bathroom. To give you a little background, I live in an oldish house on a farm, and all our furniture is mostly antiques. Grant and I like collecting oldish or at least traditional home wares. We thought its come time to do a little house reno to make our patchwork quilt of a home some how meld together. This week we started on our bathroom. We are really just repainting and repairing a few things. New Tap handles and fixtures that kinda thing. The hardest part is that nothing has been done to this house in the last 25 years, so there are A LOT of repairs! We are getting there!

Next week we are meant to be at Karitane, which for those out side of Australia/NSW, its basically a place where parents go when they need help with learning how to parent their children. That makes it sound worse then it is. Why are we going there? Well Joe used to have Silent Re flux which meant he struggles to sleep during the day, which in turn makes him a very cranky baby and mummy and daddy very bunt out! So we are going to see if we can put him into a day time sleep routine. I will do my best to blog while we are there :D

On other news, since Youtube decided to make me upload my video 3 times and it ate 70% of my download limit, AND..... I still have 20 days of this month left I have not really been uploading as much as I would like. I  do still have a backlog of videos to upload, so I am going to wait to the end of the month and chew up the rest of what I have :D

Stay Beautiful,


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