Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Karitane Day 3


Well its day 3 of our stay here at Karitane Carrama. For those who don't know what Karitane is, its a place where parents can go when they hare having troubles settling their kids or getting a routine. Our darling boy cant go to bed without us rocking him to sleep. - This would ordinarily be fine, except that our son is over 10kgs and is quiet hard to bounce, rock, put to sleep in our arms. He really needed to be taught how to be put to be in bed with little help.

Fast Forward 3 days to today, and Joseph, is slowly getting to sleep on his own, we are still working on making his afternoon nap longer but we are getting there. The Staff here have been over and above AWESOME!  I suffer from IBS when I get stressed, and they have been really flexible with me and helped Joe and Grant and myself out! I expected them to be in your face about every thing, however they help more from the side lines. They listen to what you have to say, what is working at home and what is not working. They help you retrain they baby into a routine that works for you and for them. It takes time like all good things, but have found that if you can stick to it, it works! I probably have to work harder with Joe then I normally do as we have to have some really solid play times now, not just wishy washy times in between to tier him out.

I will post again at the end of our stay, I was going to try and post every day but have been just toooooooooo busy!

I hope all are well out there in Bloggerland :D

Stay Beautiful,


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