Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Nail Bitting

So as some of you have seen on my videos, I am a horrible nail bitter. My nails are just disgusting. Ive had the horrible habit since I was about 5 years old. So being 28 now, its been a VERY long time. Normally I wear acrylic nails to cover them and to make my hands look nice, but since Joseph has taken to putting my fingers in his mouth I feel like he may scratch his gums. So I have taken my nails off. Which leaves me with a problem. I have ugly hands. Yesterday I went to Priceline and thought I would try again the Stop Bite nail stuff! ( I did buy other things but will go into that on another post) So I will post a picture of my nails today and let you know how I go with this new stuff. It tastes foul.I am aware that if Joesph sticks my fingers in his mouth he will get it too, but at least it wont hurt him.  Will have to avoid that at all cost any way.

So here is a picture of my ugly nails :

Here is the nail stuff:

Stay tuned for pics on how I am going... Fingers crossed that this works as I would so very much like to have normal beautiful hands and to be able to paint my nails and positively draw attention to my hands.

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