Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eden Day Spa - Camden

Yesterday, in a desperate attempt to soothe some aching muscles I booked my self in for an impromptu Facial and Massage. I had never been to the Eden Day Spa at Camden before, however have walked past it may times on my way to my local GP. I had in fact taken one of their brochures and snuggly kept it in my to do list a while ago. Anyway, back to the point - Grant said he would mind the baby and I could go and get some pampering done. YIPPY!

As soon as you walk in the door you are instantly drifted away to a place of relax and leisure. Time some how stops and you feel that letting go of the out side world is the easiest thing on the planet to do. The girls at the front desk were dressed uniformly, even down to how they wore their hair - a nice touch.  I was gently lead though a door to what looked like it may have been the door to the Tardis as behind it was massive. I was lead into a my therapy room to which I stayed for the next 2 hours.

We started off with the massage. Exactly what the doctor ordered! It melted away all the tention that I was feeling in my back and lower legs and completely transfered me to another celestial plain. My facial was equally relaxing and I could feel my skin drinking up the moisture it was lacking and benefiting from the extra attention. I got up feeling like a new woman, where the old one went - who cares!

Since having such an amazing experience, I now feel as though I need to be counting down the days till my next visit. Even today I still feel my body is loose, and tension free.

If you are in the area, I believe Eden Day Spa may just be one of the hottest spots in Camden. A must visit for all the women of the area. Every girl deserves to feel like a queen even for a moment. Eden Day Spa helps you feel every part and more.

Click Here to check out their webpage and to get further information on a truly relaxing and pampering experience.  

Untill next time,
Stay Beautiful xxxx Loz

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