Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sigma Brushes


Well, Ive done it! Ive bought into the craze that is Sigma Brushes. I bought two sets, the Essential Kit and the Performance Eye Kit. They really are beautiful brushes. Very soft, however great control. There is a mix of natural and synthetic fiber brushes which I like and with the two sets I got, they seem to have a brush for really every thing. I noticed the Performance Kit has a little bit more precision to it then the Essential Kit with regards to the shape of the Eye Shadow Brushes. The face brushes are a good workable shape, soft to use, good to blend and dont seem to soak up too much foundation/ powder. I did however have an issue with one of the brushes that I received. It was a fine liner brush that had lost a few hairs which caused it to taper to one side. I got in contact with Sigma, to which they sent me a new brush straight away. No questions asked. I was very VERY much impressed with the customer service on the Sigma team. Very much a pleasure to deal with.

Here are a few Happy Shots of my new brushes :D

Essential Eye Kit

Performance Eyes Kit

Part of the deal when you make an order on the Sigma Brush Website, you get a free gift with purchase. This is the gift that I got. To be Honest, I love these colours, and they are some thing that I will absolutely be using. Tempting to buy the full size kit, but then again how many neutral kit can one person own?

I am very much thinking about buying the Sigmax collection as I think I have a think for face brushes. Strange I know, but they are just sooooo nice!

Stay Beautiful,

XXX Loz!

PS! I WON MY BATTLE WITH TELSTRA! We are getting High Speed (HA!) ADSL internet. I have been using Mobile Broadband with a 15GB limit this whole time! I hope this means, better quality videos, and more frequent posting. XX Loz

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