Monday, May 14, 2012

My Nail Biting...


I figured I would give you an update on how I am going with my nail biting, or more to say me trying to give it up!

The Stop biting stuff is defiantly a turn off, and it does make you think twice about sticking your fingers in your mouth, but in saying so - When your at McDonald's and your eating a Big Mac (which I do far too often) and you get the special sauce on your fingers and you go to suck it off.... Yep not good! :( The other thing I have noticed, while I am not sticking my fingers in my mouth as often it is really hard to break the picking habit as you will see from the picture below. My Thumb and forefinger are doing great but my other two seem to be copping it a bit.

 As you can see my hands are quiet disgusting. I actually cant stand looking at them. To detour me from picking I have painted my nails with Butter London's Pink Ribbon and then the stop bite stuff over the top. My ring finger on both hands seem to cop it the worst.... If any one can tell me why???

I will keep you updated how I am going, maybe, just maybe I may one day get nice hands :D

Stay Beautiful


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