Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My dog ate my face.... kidding....

Well, about a week ago, Shelby my Cattle Pup and I were mucking about and we got a little ruff. Shelby's paw was on my face and she slipped. When she did, she took part of my face with her. This pic was taken about an hour afterwards... I know I have no make up on and am looking pretty sore and sorry. :(

You now can all see my freckles! Ekkk! Since then I have been using a clean new tub of my sons nappy rash cream - Sudocream (yeah I know, you have to get past what its actually used for) any way.... from what I understand Zinc has skin healing properties so I gave it a go. Its been 1 week and this is what it looks like today :

This pic was taken while writing this with no foundation on, just my daily moisturizer - Payot Creme Matifiante. I feel as though the cream helped heal this up quickly. It does not look like it will scar (Thank God!)  The hole in my lip is still annoying me, but I can kinda cover up the cuts on my face and eyelid.

What I used to cover the cuts while they healed:  I used a few items, differing each day depending on healing progress. To begin with I used Hourglass Mineral Veil to prime and fill the scratch, I then used Bobbi Brown Stick foundation as it was the thickest foundation I owned I then used MAC Studio Finish Powder. As it healed I tended to use the Benefit's Pore Professional, my Chanel  Vitalumiere  Foundation and MAC Studio Finish or Benefit's flawless powder. (will link my vid reviews below: )

I had a few meetings, and Hawkesbury Show in this time and most people said they could not notice the marks on my face. :D

I will keep you posted on how this is healing... but you can understand I have not been able to film this week :(

I am also trialing a new Eyeliner Pencil which I will do a review on : Eye Of Horus Smokey Black Eye Pencil.

Stay Beautiful!

XX Loz
 Benefit Pore Professional
Hourglass Mineral Veil
Chanel Vitalumiere
Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation
 Benefit Hello Flawless
 MAC Studio Finish Powder

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