Sunday, January 27, 2013

My poor blog.

It's been wasted, misused, neglected and abused. If but only and afterthought to my YouTube channel. I have decided as part of my get it together Lauren thingy that I am doing at the moment, I need to spend more time and attention on this thing. Now as I have a iPad this should be made all the easier as I can virtually blog anywhere!

So here I am, sitting on the couch at my back door with a dog on one side (Shelby) a Grant on the other using the BBQ cooking dinner. I am once again neglecting something, that would be my portion of tonight's meal, the veggies. They are currently somewhere in my kitchen waiting for me to give them some love.

I have so many things that go on in this tiny (ok maybe no so tiny) head of mine. I really need to get them out. Sometimes I don't feel like doing a video and maybe here is a better spot to express different thoughts on things. Well it is what it's made for. I used to write, I used to write all the time. Where did that spark go?

On other news, everyday in feb looks like it will be a vlog day! So I will be filming a little diddy on my phone each day with minimal editing and uploading it to my YouTube Chanel (who is once again stealing all the limelight) have no idea what I am going to film about let alone talk about but I'm sure it will come to me as most things do.

Well procrastination is over. Must attended to my half of dinner.

Stay beautiful

Xxxxx Loz

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