Thursday, November 8, 2012

What I love about Aussie Beauty Gurus!

Hi All,

I recently uploaded a new video:

Thank you Dommsmiles for creating this Tag. It was fun to do and be a part of. I have so many people when I look back on this video that I want to mention and add, however they know who they are and know I love them :D

There is also a new CCGB Video up:

Just a few light tips and hints on what to do in the Aust bush. It is by no means the complete be all and end all on everything about staying safe in the bush, just a few light tips :D

October Faves are up:
Please take note of the coupon codes in the down bar of this video.

I have a few blog post that I have planned. Thinking my next Beauty Bay haul will be on here and not on my Youtube account. Also I now have access to Instagram so please follow me @ Madamem00

Untill next time,

Stay beautiful,

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