Monday, September 10, 2012

Crush Cosmetics Haul

Hi All,

First of, my apologies for being MIA lately. Truth is I have been ill, nothing serious but its kept me in bed. Still not 100% but getting there.

Last Friday I made my first ever online purchase at Crush Cosmetics after hearing Jodik76 (Youtube) mention that they were stocking Collections 2000 concealer. I have been looking for some way to import that item here to Australia for a while. So I figured I would buy it up before it sold out. While I was there I figured I would see if there were any other items that I could pick up. While looking around I came across the NYX Matte Eyeshadows. Now if you have seen my Youtube vids, then you will know that come some reason at the moment I am drawn towards Matte Shadows at the moment. Maybe its cause I am getting old, maybe cause I think its fashionable, or maybe I'am a bit weird, who knows! So I picked up 6 colours. So here are some swatches of what I got :D

The Whole Haul :D

The Matte Nude Eyeshadows

Top to Bottom: Confession, Underneath it all, Betrayal, Haywire, Skinny Dip, Stripped

Collections 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light 2 and Medium 3

I haven't had a moment to try out the wear-ability of the concealers yet, however I can tell you that the Matte Eyeshadows are very very creamy and smooth and quiet well pigmented. I am extremely happy with them. The only unfortunate thing is that all the lighter colours were sold out.

As for ordering from Crush Cosmetics, in one word, FANTASTIC! Very Simple and easy website to use, and as I said above, ordered Friday @ midday delivered early Monday morning to my door ( I did pick the paid Toll courier delivery for aprox $7 otherwise you can opt for free delivery over a certain order price)

I have a Beauty Bay order coming through in the next few days and I think I will show both these orders on a Haul video on my Youtube Channel.

Stay Beautiful,


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