Thursday, May 17, 2012

Working on my portfolio

So today I thought I would do some work on my make up portfolio. Big massive thank you to my friend Stephanie for coming over and being my model for today.

A little background on my Model, Stephanie is 17 and still in high school. She is very involved with her Horses and is currently working on building her Drum Horse Stud. ( I think that's correct)

My First look for her, is what we called Bubble Gum. I think this is an age appropriate look, and doesn't make her look too old or mature ( if you get what I mean)

So my next set of pics I think is not so age appropriate. This look is a lot darker. Steph's fave colour is green, and since her eyes are blue, I decided to use the purple to make her eyes pop, however to tie in that Green I used a dark charcoal green from MAC (Green Smoke)

So there you go.... Just some more pics to add to my collection.

Stay Beautiful


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