Monday, May 14, 2012

My New Toy

Sooooo Exited!

Today I got my new Camera and Stand. I'm still working out how to use it, but I will get there. I am so exited and now need to have a reason to use it. Who would have thunk it, all this gear was sitting collecting dust at my in laws house :D I still have quiet a few uploads from my old camera to upload, but all future vids will be with my newwwww onnnneee! Eeeeeeeeeek! (yes I am squeeling!) Im thinking I will do a post on my dog :D I dunno....  Just LOVEEEE ITT!

Special Thank you to Craig my brother in law, he is the owner of this stuff but said I can use it as long as  need. If you see this.... Love you long time crazy dude xxxxxx

Stay beautiful

xxxx Loz

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